How do you find your purpose?

最終更新: 2020年9月3日

Do you know the purpose of your being? Do you know why you were put on this earth? For those of you who know your purpose already, I am happy for you and you may not find this article helpful for you. But for those of you who are still searching, I would like to relay one piece of advice: Most people search for their purpose in the wrong places.

If you read many self-help articles about how to find your purpose, they will tell you many useful tips and advice. Things like donate your money, time, talent, or surround yourself with positive people, or find stuff that you love to do. But the fact is that you may have tried these things but never found your life`s purpose. And you can`t seem to shake the feeling that your life is empty. The fact is that all these things activities are great things, but they will not bring you closer to understanding the purpose of why you are here.

It may be strange to read what I am about to type, but the answer to your purpose is not found in the places you would think it is, but it is found in the most unlikely of places; inside of your problems. That’s right. The purpose of your existence can be found inside of your problems. Or maybe it would be better phrased as, the reason why problems come to us is for us to realize our purpose.

We have a tendency of wanting to run away when problems come or quickly solve our problems. However, all problems we face are actually the answers to why we exist and what we should do while we are alive. In fact, it will help us to realize that every event, every interaction, every happy moment, every tragic moment, are not random, but they are all a part of a plan laid out specifically for us. Through our problems, we discover things about ourselves. That’s why its said that problems are answers.

For me, I understood my purpose when I came to the answer that my purpose is found in my problems. I am what you call a TCK: a third culture kid. All my life I lived between two cultures having a mother that is American and a father that is Japanese. I lived about half my life in America and half my life in Japan. Wherever I lived, I never felt like I fit in. When I was living in the US, I was a Japanese guy. But when I moved to Japan for work, I was considered a Gaijin (foreigner). Don`t get me wrong, I love the fact that I can call both cultures my own and that I can communicate in both languages as a native. But, not fitting in anywhere really only brings feelings of loneliness and isolation. I thought that nobody understood me and my unique experiences, so I never really connected with anyone on a deep level.

On top of that, this problem that I faced was a problem that I did not ask for and it had nothing to do with what I had done. I always blamed my parents for giving me this problem. How can you solve a problem like this? Just by the fact that my father came to America as an overseas student and met with my mom, I was born.

That’s what I thought for 27 years of my life, until I found my rest and peace inside of Jesus Christ. I realized in a moment of crisis for myself the answer to my tears and my loneliness. But in finding my peace through grace, I also found my mission and also my purpose in life. I realized that there are many people facing the same problems of not fitting in anywhere because they are TCKs. I realized that I had to suffer and experience this problem first in order to be able to help these kids who suffer from the same problems I did. I realized that I was put on this earth to go to those kids and let them know that its actually not that bad and there is peace to your turmoil.

While my experiences are different from your experiences, the process to finding your purpose is universal. I hope that you will be given grace to find your own purpose and live life with purpose and mission. トップページに戻る