The scar can be healed only in Jesus Christ

The scar can be healed only in Jesus Christ

In our life we have different type of experience;

effect in our Neron and which store every good and bad experiences, our emotion and love, tragedy everything that we feel, listen and see. In the word of scientist define this process as SUBCONSCIOUS INFLUENCE BEHAVIOUR. To understand this system, you must know about Subconscious.

What is Subconscious? or what is Subconscious mind? How it controls our behaviors?

During the creation of man God created we with the body and with the spirit. But the man felled in sin and started fundamental problem. [Gen 3] From that day human eyes are closed to see the spiritual things. we never recognize those things but our spirit knows everything. That is spirit which called as a subconscious.

We all know that we human being is full of sin.

So, unknowingly our mind desire for happiness and salvation, we never be happy in life. After some achievements we became unhappy and full of desire and there`s always problem in our life. So, the world people want to get out from this problem them self; they start to worship different Gods, do good deeds, follow different philosophy, science etc. Theology said this all problem as fundamental problem and this solving prosing as resolution of fundamental problem. But the bible said that only the blood holy man can wash our sin and solve our problems. We know Jesus Christ sacrificed and forgive our sin. [John 3:16]

We have different feeling, emotion and contain different thing in our subconscious but only in Jesus Christ can forgive your sin so, believe him with your heart and your all scar can be heal.

Jesus Christ come to save us. John 10:10

-Basnet Amar