Why I’m enjoying in Jesus Christ?

Why I’m enjoying in Jesus Christ?

I’m Basnet Amar. Before became the true Christian I was in the family of steric religious hind Family, there’s lots of statue in my house. My family worship and do puja everyday,

They make me to do puja and always called me for those religious activities. I was not happy with those things. That’s about age of 9 in my uncle family there’s a big accident which destroy me totally, my uncle was accused of murder who was really innocent. So, our whole society ignore me and my family. Even the school teachers and friends also ignoring me.

So, my heart broken down and my heart and mind was full of scars. Cause of that scar I didn’t go to school. I never had focus in my study, I failed every exam and teachers punished me everyday and I was in stress in little age. Cause of that my father scolded and punish me very

badly. There’s everyday quarrel and fights in my parents. My father didn’t do any jobs nor helping in house hold works. In that little age I started to hated my father too much.

Even I can’t do anything, I prayed with different God for happiness and for my family peace but nobody was hearing my pray because of that; one day when I was inside the Hindu temple I kicked statue and smash that and throw that away. From that day I started to hat God. And my health was going weaker weaker everyday.

I started to eat every which harm me and trying to kill myself in that little age I stated to smoke but I was not happy. I was crying hours when I was alone, pray with different God. Finally, I decided to do suicide. So, I drunk whole poison but I didn’t died but vomited for whole day. And getting weaker and hospitalize and I remembering him; who’s name was England Dr. Martin he told me about Jesus Christ and there’s hope in Jesus and there’s a person who always love us that is Jesus Christ.

And he prayed for me and my heart was full of pleasure. I desire to meet him one more time. During my discharge he gave me CD of Jesus Christ life, when I watched that I accept in Jesus Christ as my God and saver and started to praying, when my father saw that I was praying he asked me “do you want to know more about Christ?” I said yes. Then He took me to the Church first time. I was really shocked that there’s also good people in this world who are really good and true believers of Jesus Christ. My father said me to don’t said to them because my society and my country was Hind country and not allowed to change religion.

But I was too much happy and said about those good people to everyone. I was surprised when I knew that my father was believing in Christ from the years when he was in Korea but unable to said that things to everyone because of strike society.

From that day father and son believing in real God. Cause of that my grandma blamed me that

from now “you are not from my family.” My father and me always gospel they and pray for them. During that day one person in our society betray us and sold our house and lands. Our family loose everything which we have but the good thing was me and my father get chance to be more stronger in God. During that time my mother, grandma and brother also start to believing in Jesus Christ.

We didn’t loose our hope but more stronger in God. Everyone in my society surprised but that was grace of God and I started to work from the age of 15 because I decided to proof like Elisha ‘Our

God is true God and he is with me.’ Everyone in my family working harder and harder.

Everything is going good and my father also completed his theology college and doing Ministry.

And I graduate university and now I’m in Japan. I became like Job who lost his everything but he was happy in God.

So, he gets 3 times more blessing. Because of grace of God I’m officer of Azabu Gospel Church in Japan. And involving in different ministry. If we have faith in God, he will always save you.

Just like in

Philippians 4:4